Nice day for a ride

August 6, 2008

Nice day for a ride Originally uploaded by Jaxxon33 Lovely day on the Peninsula to take a mountain bike ride.

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Filming at the zoo

July 29, 2008

Filming at the zoo Originally uploaded by Jaxxon33

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May 12, 2008

Over at you can have all you feeds from sites such as Twitter, Flickr or any RSS feed represented on a time line. I thought it was a nice visual way to display all this data.

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Beechworth “Over the Edge 2008″Conference – Second Day

April 30, 2008

Photos of us winding down after a day of learning. We had some excellent insights from Marc Lindsay, Pete Williams and Dan Raine Experimenting with QIK on a Nokia N82 phone streaming video live.

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Beechworth “Over the Edge 2008” Conference – First Day

April 28, 2008

Today was the first of 3 days here at Beechworth and what we were taught was absolutely awesome. Ed and Rob spoke today and it was truly inspiring and full of great insights. Can’t wait to hear Dan’s presentation tomorrow.

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‘Over The Edge’ 2008 Seminar – Beechworth

April 27, 2008

I’m at the ‘Over The Edge’ 2008 Seminar at Beechworth. The conference starts tomorrow and goes for 3 days. Should be a very worthwhile event indeed. We all went out for dinner tonight at the Hibernian hotel. Tags: Beechworth, Ed Dale

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What is all the buzz about Twitter

April 25, 2008

I sometimes get asked to explain what Twitter is and why I use it, so I thought I’d link to this video which explains it very well.

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What is WiFi

October 30, 2007

I have been asked “what is WiFi” by several people after I tell them what I do so I thought I would put my standard answer into a post for others who may be thinking the same thing. Wikipedia also has an entry on the what is WiFi question. WiFi is basically a term for […]

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WiFi Antenna Cable

September 21, 2007

When your setting up a wireless network for maximum range, the wifi antenna cable becomes very important. This is because most of the time your access point or other wireless device will be located inside the building but the antenna must be mounted outside where it is providing maximum coverage and free from obstructions. A […]

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How to Make a WiFi Extender

September 18, 2007

This short YouTube video shows you how to make an inexpensive wifi extender for your access point or router. You need to print out a template and construct a small parabolic reflector. Very simple and cheap idea that works! More information at

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