fix mobile coverage blackspots in your home

Optus Home Zone

Optus’s femtocell device, the Home Zone. When plugged in to a broadband connection, it creates a 3G network. Picture: Supplied

OPTUS has launched a new product to fix mobile phone blackspots in the home, but says that won’t stop it working to improve its overall coverage.

The telco’s 3G Home Zone is the first major push for femtocell technology in Australia. The idea is that you plug the device into your broadband modem or router, and it creates a 3G network covering the house.

“No mobile network can guarantee great mobile coverage throughout a home if you have thick sandstone walls, upstairs, downstairs,” said Optus consumer marketing director Gavin Williams.

“The Home Zone allows you to have dedicated personalised coverage — 5 bar coverage in your home.”

The device costs an extra $5 per month on a 24-month plan for customers on certain plans, and users can nominate up to 12 people to access the network it generates.

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