Category: Wireless

  • 6 Ways to Optimize your WiFi Setup

    With the increasing use of portable WiFi enabled devices like notebooks and mobile phones, it is more important than ever to optimize your WiFi setup to get the most benefit. Here are some simple ways to maximize performance and increase security of your WiFi setup. Equipment There has been a huge improvement in speeds and […]

  • What is WiFi

    I have been asked “what is WiFi” by several people after I tell them what I do so I thought I would put my standard answer into a post for others who may be thinking the same thing. Wikipedia also has an entry on the what is WiFi question. WiFi is basically a term for […]

  • WiFi Antenna Cable

    When your setting up a wireless network for maximum range, the wifi antenna cable becomes very important. This is because most of the time your access point or other wireless device will be located inside the building but the antenna must be mounted outside where it is providing maximum coverage and free from obstructions. A […]

  • How to Make a WiFi Extender

    This short YouTube video shows you how to make an inexpensive wifi extender for your access point or router. You need to print out a template and construct a small parabolic reflector. Very simple and cheap idea that works! More information at

  • Wifi Antenna Types

    Wireless or Wifi antenna’s are separated into two main types, directional and omnidirectional. For long distance work there is no substitute for a good directional antenna. While focusing the transmitted signal to cover greater distance, the receive performance is also greatly enhanced. By listening in one direction only, a significant amount of ‘noise’ from other […]

  • Increasing Wireless Range

    One of the biggest drawbacks of using wifi is that wireless range is usually limited to about 100 metres or less. I guess this is a lot better than being tethered to a cable but now that we have a little mobility, we want more! The 2.4Ghz frequency that a typical wireless network uses does […]