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  • The Camera You Have – iPhone 4

    It’s amazing how many times you see something you want to photograph but don’t have your ‘real’ camera with you. Camera phones are steadily improving and although my iPhone 3GS is lacking compared to dedicated cameras, I wouldn’t have captured 90% of the moments I’ve captured with it. The new iphone 4 is due out […]

  • Apple announces iPhone 4 and iOS 4

    As expected, Steve Jobs has announced the new iPhone at this years WWDC. iOS 4 will also be available free for existing iPhone 3G and 3GS users on June 21. The new hardware features a front facing camera for video calling or ‘FaceTime’ as Apple like to call it. There is also a built-in gyroscope […]

  • McDonald’s Australia Free WiFi

    Last year McDonald’s rolled out free WiFi to over 700 restaurants across Australia. This makes McDonald’s the largest provider of Free WiFi Internet Access in Australia. You can access the service with devices that have WiFi (802.11 b/g) capabilities. You can find out more information including a map to help locate sites at

  • iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS video quality

    After receiving my iPhone 3GS I was interested in how it compared with my iPhone 3G. One of the areas I was curious about was video recording. As you may be aware, the iPhone 3G is not shipped with this ability but you can install a program called Cycorder which is available to jailbroken iPhones. […]

  • iPhone Feature Wishlist

    As I patiently wait for my Google Nexus One phone to arrive, I started thinking about the iPhone features and improvements I’d like to see in the new model. Don’t get me wrong, I think my iPhone 3GS is the best piece of technology I’ve ever owned, but it will be a relic in 2 […]