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  • Free 3GB Additional Dropbox Storage

    Dropbox are offering up to 3GB of additional space (on top of the standard free 2GB) for trying out their new photo upload feature. Read the post on the Dropbox blog for more details. Basically you just need to download the new Dropbox 1.4.0 client and try out the camera import feature. There is a […]

  • Yellow Pages Still Fail Online Marketing – Look At Me?

    The Yellow Pages obviously see the urgency to change tactics as marketing techniques quickly change due to the internet. This article takes a look at how they are implementing the change to digital media,….

  • fix mobile coverage blackspots in your home

    Optus’s femtocell device, the Home Zone. When plugged in to a broadband connection, it creates a 3G network. Picture: Supplied OPTUS has launched a new product to fix mobile phone blackspots in the home, but says that won’t stop it working to improve its overall coverage. The telco’s 3G Home Zone is the first major […]

  • Telstra moves to reduce mobile phone bill shock

    Telstra consumer mobile customers soon will be able to use their phone’s data service without the risk of an unexpectedly high bill, commonly known as “bill shock”. They will be among the first in the world to have their data speeds slowed when they exceed their mobile data allowance and not be charged for excess […]

  • How to get a Local Landline Number for your Mobile Phone

    Want your friends to be able to call you on your mobile for the cost of a local call? Mobile phone calls are still very expensive compared to calling a local land line number. In fact many people have free local calls included in their land line or mobile phone plan. How awesome would it […]

  • iPad Australian availability

    Apple have announced dates for the release of their new iPad. Australians can order online or at an Apple store on May 10th and the device will be available on May 28th. Prices start at $629 for the base 16GB WiFi only model. I have this unit already and can highly recommend it. More information […]

  • Insert Link in WordPress Post

    This video shows you how to easily turn text in a WordPress post, into a clickable link.

  • WiFi Radio Terms Tutorial

    dB (Decibel) The difference (or ratio) between two signal levels. Named after Alexander Graham Bell. (That is why the “B” is capitalized.) Used to describe the effect of system devices on signal strength. For example, a cable has 6 dB loss or an amplifier has 15 dB of gain. This is very useful because system […]

  • Google Nexus One vs iPhone 3GS video quality

    Google has recently released their Nexus One smartphone. It boasts may features similar to the iPhone 3GS so I thought it fitting to compare video recording capabilities. Let me know what you think? First iPhone 3GS Then Google Nexus One

  • Apple unveils iPad

    I thought the iPhone was a breakthrough device but Apple’s new tablet computer released today, looks like it will be an even better piece of technology. The thing that sets these devices apart from the pack is the interface. More information on the Apple site.