Month: January 2010

  • Apple unveils iPad

    I thought the iPhone was a breakthrough device but Apple’s new tablet computer released today, looks like it will be an even better piece of technology. The thing that sets these devices apart from the pack is the interface. More information on the Apple site.

  • Telstra finally offers realistic Next G broadband prices

    There is a story at APCMag about Telstra’s new wireless broadband pricing. The plans will be available from January 21 and will finally mean Telstra’s superior network and coverage will be offered at similar pricing to Australia’s other carriers. This offer may appeal to iPhone users as it can take advantage of the 850MHZ frequency […]

  • iPhone Feature Wishlist

    As I patiently wait for my Google Nexus One phone to arrive, I started thinking about the iPhone features and improvements I’d like to see in the new model. Don’t get me wrong, I think my iPhone 3GS is the best piece of technology I’ve ever owned, but it will be a relic in 2 […]